Non Stop Hustle Tee

The word “Hustle” can be used and viewed negatively.

Our view on the word “Hustle” is the very opposite.

Take action and stay focused while being consistent with a positive mindset.

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Take on risk crush hate!

Torch was created for people to be reminded of their worth & not what they’ve been through. A boutique where you can have fun expressing yourself during retail therapy with no care of what others think about what you’ll dare to wear.

When choosing from our variety of selected pieces know that the piece doesn’t make you beautiful you bring the detail to the piece.

  • The Torch Mom Podcast

    Created for powerful mothers who are changing life cycles for their children daily. Bringing motivation to keep you going which helps those times when your feeling overwhelmed from just being a mom or hearing mommy consistently. Stories from multiple mothers on different journeys with many experiences for you to know your truly not alone.

    Tune in every Monday and Friday!!

  • Whose the Owner?

    A black woman who decided that the next time she'd be uncomfortable is to achieve major goals that were once feared.

    In 2018 the owner Tia chose to
    launch this business and no longer hide to help others feel comfortable.

    Coming from St. Thomas so young my accent still stuck with me strong. Going to school kids would make fun of me because of it and the way my mom would
    dress me back home definitely wasn’t in here! Don’t get me wrong I was looking clean, clothes were ironed. It may not have been what was top of the line but I was presented well to know my mom loved and took care of me. As I got older, I
    wanted to do my own thing so I’d go through my mom’s closet before school and
    picked something that I thought was a bit more of my taste. If it wasn’t my mom’s closet in was my Aunts closet. I wasn’t being grown like most girls in school rolling up skirts and shorts to make them shorter. I just wanted to wear something different and that’s exactly what I did. Oh boy would I get caught and in trouble for medaling in things that didn’t belong to me but I didn’t care I need to dress and be cute.

    I loved the clothing stores Up
    against the Wall, Hot Topic, Styles and Susan Fashion you talking about a
    selection which they all definitely had. Bright colors weren’t my go to because I didn’t want ppl looking at me crazy.

    Becoming an adult jeans, fresh pair of tennis shoes, cute shirt I’m out. I’d get jazzy for an occasion (extra cute) but I didn’t like the wrong attention, therefore I stayed mild.

    In 2012 met my wife and it was a whole different story! Fashion was more intriguing than before. From the colors, prints, fabrics, the way it laid, ruffled etc. What was wrong with pairing flowers with stripes, stripes with polka dots or leggings under a skirt with leg warmers a crop top and blazer?
    Nothing at all! Most people are just blind to true fashion which includes expression. Just put on what makes you feel energized, smart, sexy & sophisticated because you are! Do it without the thought of someone whispering to their friend or colleague about what you have on because they would not dare
    to wear it.

    We inspire people to wear what they usually would dare not to with full confidence. Enjoy having a retail therapy experience where different is better!