If you can't make a decision nothing happens or people just go making decisions for you. 

Now why would I say that? 

Ok lets say you get up in the morning due to COVID-19 you may or may not be working. You may even work from home.

Once you open your eyes what do you have to do? 

Do you have the answer yet?

Make a decision or choice duh!

So you're laying there knowing very well that you need to get up brush your teeth and get yourself together. Make breakfast for kid/kids give them their vitamins etc. if you have children. Now if you decide not to get your behind out of bed seems like those babies and yourself will be hungry and slightly unhealthy. 

Being a mom decisions are made by the second if not the minute. Not just moms all people have to make decision's in order to make anything happen. Even when it’s time to start your day.

Get a short list together and start planning there’s plenty for you to get done.

Please no head planning! Get a piece of paper, pen, maybe a cute little notebook whatever makes you happy. Choose a number 5,10 or 15 and start jotting down the top things that have to be done. Decide from that list what you can take care of right now and eliminate the rest until it's time to complete the next.

This helps you have less anxiety and more space to think clearly. Focus only on what you can handle now. 

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